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The Product...

Many people are familiar with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

However, not very many people know about Pay Per View (PPV) advertising. There is one definitive guide to PPV marketing and it sold out at 250 copies in 2 hours for $949. When I started marketing with PPV I didn't have a guide to show me what to do. I had to spend my own money in learning how to convert page views into leads.

PPV is a completely different form of advertising. Unlike PPC where people click to land on your website, PPV pops up a window right in front of a persons eyes. This is INTRUSIVE marketing to the max. Funny thing about it is... Millions of people in the world have opted in to being shown advertisements in the form of popup windows. Two examples of services that people opt into are and

This course that we are about to release shows my #1 method for generating thousands of leads. During the process of creating the tutorial videos for the course we set up a complete campaign from beginning to end.

After launching the campaign and checking the stats 24 hours later we had spent $711 in advertising costs and gathered 9179 opt-ins to our mailing list for the dating niche! The great part about this specific campaign was that we only used one network! Imagine if we had taken the same campaign and duplicated it over 5 or 6 networks!

This course will include the tutorial videos, manuals, mind map, and a quick start guide for easy reference. PLUS we are including multiple upsells. These upsells were created to help the user build a quick and effective campaign.

Let me pop out one more bit of information... 6 of the "Top Affiliate Challenge" winners ( used PPV methods for advertising. Jonathan Van Clute and Carl Zetterlund used PPV to finish in the top 2 positions in the challenge as well! This isn't an unknown marketing source. It's just a source that no one is talking about.

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