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Never Go Broke Trying To Get Traffic or By Doing PPC Again!...

Our brand new underground traffic system is better than Pay Per Click and will get you real targeted traffic for almost FREE (as low as $0.01 per visitor)!! This is NOT hype, fantasy, or us hallucinating by taking illegal prescription drugs... it's for REAL.

The Wallet Draining Days Of Outrageous $4 PPC Click Costs And Hours Of Slave Work For Traffic Are HISTORY!

This new traffic system will change the game in 2010. Get in early now whilst hardly anybody knows about it (and if they do they have no idea how to do it properly) and literally become a super affiliate with a huge list, Clickbank millionaire, CPA king, (or whatever you want) overnight -- because you'll hold the secret key to getting as much traffic as you want, whenever you want it, and be able to send it anywhere at will -- all without going broke like you would whilst doing PPC.

Oh, and you can forget about doing dumb social media traffic strategies like spending your life 'Twittering'  and time consuming article marketing or blogging -- that's for people who don't value their time. Why do that when you can push a few buttons, sit back, get traffic and make sales.. all whilst watching your latest episode of 24 on TV?

You never need to suffer having a lonely, 'visitor less' website again. Get mass amounts of cheap $0.01 cent PPV traffic BEFORE this source becomes widespread and saturated. Let us help you change your life tonight. Watch the video below for LIVE PROOF...


Want Even More Rock Solid Proof?

Here are the type of paydays that I generate effortlessly with '$0.01 visitor' PPV traffic! I want you to see this life changing income with your own eyes..



"I can't believe this but I was able
to get traffic to my websites for $0.01
cent per visitor
Here is the proof.."


Simeon Tuitt


"This has been one of the biggest, and
most well kept hidden secret of the CPA Underground millionaires for years!!.."

Saj P A.K.A.
Clickbank Millionaire


"Yo Andrew and Kris.. are you guys serious!??

You guys are crazy releasing this info at this price.

PPV is one of the biggest and best underground sources for dirt cheap super targeted traffic online and now you have blown the cover!

This has been one of the biggest secrets of the CPA Underground millionaires for years and now what I have seen in your course is a fully comprehensive blueprint of how to dominate this Elite Traffic Funnel."


"It only took me 1.5 hrs to set
up a campaign to start getting
traffic for
1 cent per visitor!!"


"If you can't afford a penny I don't know what to tell you!

This is definitely worth the purchase and I highly recommend this product to you."



Dear frustrated marketer,

What can I tell you, other than...

"My traffic costs were getting out of control!"

...after maxing out my credit card on PPC ads for the 3rd time in 2 months, I knew I had to find a cheaper way to get traffic to my site or I'd be broke by next week!

Look at a few screenshots of Google Adwords ripping me off...

I'll tell you more about my story later, but first, let's talk about the MOST vital ingredient needed for making money online. Traffic.

You and I both know that getting targeted visitors (otherwise known as 'traffic') is the key to making money online. You can have the coolest looking website and sell the best product ever, but NONE of that matters if nobody sees it.

Traffic is like the gasoline that powers our business... and kind of like the gas for our cars too. We can't get very far without it... and we can't afford to pay insanely high prices for it. But it's usually the way. Big companies see us coming. They always make us pay through the nose for things we need most.

Take PPC for example. 

PPC gets you traffic, but who has the money to blow on $4 clicks? Not me... never again! 

There are other ways to get traffic. But nothing is ever free. 

Whatever you do to generate traffic, whether it's write articles, or create social media campaigns, it costs you either time or money or both. And those other traffic methods are more often than not a waste of time because you have to wait a long time and it's just too much work.

That's why getting traffic is an ongoing battle. But you don't have to lose the fight anymore. I found a way to scoop up TONS of traffic for the lowest cost known to man these days, so keep reading as I'm about to share my discovery with you!


Going back to my story... I started out with and I'm still big on affiliate marketing. I don't like to sit around waiting for traffic, so when I promote my offers, I want INSTANT TRAFFIC and lots of it. 

When I first started online, I had big dreams of making thousands of dollars in my sleep...and I knew I needed traffic, but unfortunately PPC was the only way I knew to get an INSTANT traffic surge. 

The high prices bothered me of course, but there was nothing I could do about it. I simply knew no other way that was as effective for getting fast traffic to any site I wanted, when I wanted.

But then, when I had maxed out my credit card for the 3rd time in a couple of weeks thanks to some unexpected SLAPS from Google, the insanity of the high price per click had to come to an end. 

It was either find a new CHEAPER way to get traffic or go broke!

So I did.... and what I found was a traffic source a million times better than PPC. I found PPV traffic! 

...and boy, little did I know how much this new find of cheap traffic was going to change my life forever...

PPV stands for Pay Per View.

No, it's not anything to do with Video advertising. It's similar to PPC but instead of paying per click which can sometimes be as costly as $4 - $30 (God forbid) per click, you just pay a tiny fee for each time your website is viewed. 

PPV prices can be as little as $0.01 for each time your website is displayed!! And you're actually getting a real person seeing your site... not just a click (which could be fake) over to it!

The benefits of PPV over PPC are as clear as black and white.

Here are a few examples of current Pay Per Click Costs (on the Google Adwords platform for different markets and search key terms. Take a look...

Search phrase keywords:
"0 percent credit card"


Search phrase keywords:
"How to make money"


Search phrase keywords:
"Learn how to"


So just how on Earth are you supposed to turn a profit and get wealthy beyond your wildest dreams when you have to pay INSANELY high figures like that PER CLICK!

Fact is, even if you can afford to pay that amount per click it DOESN'T guarantee you that you'll make a sale!

Let me tell, PPV is a HECK OF A LOT cheaper.. .and it's SO much easier!

PPV gets you traffic in a hurry just like PPC and it's also LASER targeted...which is essential if you want to make a cash return on the traffic you pay for. 

Look at this comparison...


Look, I don't waste my time on non-targeted traffic, so the fact that I could build a list of 9,200 and earn over $4,400 from PPV is proof that this traffic converts!

Take a look at the results from a small 'test' I did with one of my sites...

The amazing thing is, I did it all without any help from GOOGLE. I paid less than 2 cents for each visitor and I was able to turn each one into cash in my pocket. The returns are incredible... as you can see!

Why anyone would continue to pay crazy highly prices for PPC... or slave away for hours writing articles and getting back links, has got me puzzled.

You can be always be GUARANTEED instant high quality traffic anytime you want and as much as you want for chump change using PPV!

PPV is the new wave of Internet advertising. It's actually quite simple when you know how to do it... much simpler than setting up a PPC campaign.

So simple in fact, that any beginner on a low budget can do it and see massive traffic flow instantly!

In short, PPV is....

I am no guru marketer, and I didn't have a massive budget. Yet I was able to get over 45,300 unique visitors to my site, add 9,179 new subscribers onto my list and pocket over $4,400 with just ONE website in ONE week using only PPV traffic.. and you can do the SAME.

I'd never experienced a traffic system so powerful that I could exploit so easily, and see real results like this...

How would $115,273 in just 30 days change your life?

I know, it's life changing. And that's precisely why I wanted to give people like you the chance to see exactly how I did it in my new video course, which exposes every single thing about...


Click here to order now


Mass PPV Traffic is my brand new video course that reveals my underground system for getting hoards of visitors to my site for as little as $0.01 each and how I turn that traffic into thousands of targeted subscribers and wads of affiliate cash in my pocket literally overnight!

It's totally NOT what you expect. This kind of system has never been talked about before...but once the secret gets out about how STUPIDLY SIMPLE and CHEAP it really is with PPV advertising to get massive traffic and monetize it, it will sweep the globe and make a lot of marketers filthy rich!

How to GET laser TARGETED traffic to your site INSTANTLY almost EFFORTLESSLY!

How to PAY JUST $0.01 for each of your targeted visitors and leave Google in your dust!

How to CAPTURE your visitors and add THOUSANDS to your list OVERNIGHT!

How to make BONGO bucks on AUTO-PILOT....and anytime you want!

How to EASILY & quickly SCALE my system up to create an unstoppable MONEY machine!

How to set this all up EASILY, even if you're a NEWBIE with no prior technical experience!


That's right! MASS PPV TRAFFIC will not only reveal to you how to get more traffic than you can handle for PENNIES on the dollar, it is ALSO a complete system for making money online - even if you are starting with nothing!

The truth is that anyone can buy traffic from PPV advertising networks once you know where to find them. The REAL challenge lies in turning that traffic into money in the bank!

All the traffic in the world won't make you RICH unless you know how to monetize it. 

So that's why I'm not only going to show you how to get the traffic, I'm also going to show you step-by-step through my simple system for extracting the MOST money possible from PPV traffic.

I'll reveal secrets like...

My SECRET Design Tips For Simple Landing Pages That Get Shockingly HIGH Response

How To Turn A HUGE Percentage Of The Traffic Into 'Opt-in' Subscribers On YOUR List

My SECRET Method For Testing And OPTIMIZING Landing Pages For MAXIMUM Opt-In Rates

How To Make IRRESISTIBLE Offers To Your List Subscribers For INSTANT Cash

And MUCH more..

The truth is, this system is very simple. There isn't a whole lot to it. But don't be fooled by the few basic steps of the system because the results will exceed your expectations! They exceeded mine!

But that's what makes it the perfect model to start with if you want a complete system to make money from scratch or add a simple income stream to your existing ones. It won't take you a long time to learn and implement to attract subscribers and profits!

PPV traffic is kind of different in the way it delivers the traffic than you might be used to. You'll see what I mean when you start the the usual way to go about monetizing traffic like you've seen or tried before won't work with PPV traffic.

It's not anything fact, it will be easier than anything you've tried before. You just need to know the best way to monetize the traffic, and I'll show you how.

You'll see my exact system for getting the traffic and then what to do with it to make the most money with PPV traffic. I walk you through my proven system step-by-step.

See clearly how I do it so you can turn around and easily duplicate the system for your own killer results without breaking a sweat!

Even if you are a complete beginner to the internet and making money online, you can do this because it's so easy. And following my system will make it 100% fool-proof. Doing it my way cuts out all the usual expensive and technical things you need to do with other online money getting systems.

You DON'T need any prior Internet marketing EXPERIENCE

You DON'T need any technical website or computer SKILLS

You DON'T need to know anything about KEYWORD research

You DON'T need a LIST or need to suck up to any JV partners

You DON'T need your own PRODUCT

You DON'T need to spend ages setting up and constantly monitoring results like with PPC

You DON'T need a massive BUDGET to get MEGA traffic fast (start with as little as $7!)

My MASS PPV TRAFFIC system makes it easy enough for any level marketer to use PPV advertising like a PRO to create new or increase existing INCOME STREAMS in no time flat...and without spending a fortune on advertising.

It really is that simple. 


"...I was able to instantly drive massive
amount of
CHEAP TRAFFIC to generate
sales, get CPA leads and instantly grow
my list by the
thousands Overnight!!"

— Desmond Ong


"What Andrew and Kris have here is a system that enables anyone to instantly
drive massive amount of traffic to generate sales, get CPA leads or even to instantly grow your list overnight
-- without the need to spend thousands of dollars
or a lot of time just like other traffic generation methods!

If you don't have the time to do article marketing, or you don't have the big budget to spend on your PPC campaigns or maybe you don't have the time to rank on the first page of the search engine -- this is the traffic generation method for you.

With the tactics that Andrew and Kris have in the Mass PPV Traffic course, you can easily go into a competitive niche and make tons of money it -- without having to worry about long-tail keywords, search volume, searches per month and all the confusing stats!"


"The real power in this course it that
Kris talks about
list building which
way more powerful than just
straight up going after the sale initially..."


".. I like what I see!! I had some success with PPV in the past but it's not as easy as people make it seem. The real power in this course it that Kris talks about list building which is way more powerful than just straight up going after the sale initially.

You'll make a lot more money in the long run.

I highly recommend the course, check it out you wont regret Mass PPV Traffic!"

Wes Moehlenbruck


"Yesterday I ran my first
campaign, and
in a few short hours!"

— Ken Reno


"Hi guys,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I'm blown away with your new Mass PPV release!

It's so hard to find consistent forms of targeted traffic these days, and the PPC competition is fierce, so when I saw you sharing this previously unknown traffic source - I had to give it a try immediately!

Yesterday I ran my first campaign, and DOUBLED my money in a few short hours.

The extra tool you included was the icing on the cake - and it cut my "research" time down to about 10 seconds!

I've seen every product you've ever released, and this is by FAR your greatest contribution to the IM community to date. You're opening the door to a NEW traffic source that I've NEVER heard discussed anywhere else."


You can finally stop worrying about getting traffic to your sites! I know as an Internet marketer the constant demand for more traffic. However, once you see my Mass PPV Traffic system in action, you will be able to forget about your traffic needs for good.

My system is designed for getting loads traffic on DEMAND cheaply. I understand there are times when you need money fast or you have a new offer you want to get out of the gate with quickly to beat the competition.

Well, that's exactly what MASS PPV TRAFFIC will do for you. Anytime you need an instant traffic and/or cash burst, just follow the steps and see those results at will!

KNOW exactly HOW and WHERE to get targeted traffic to any website, anytime you WANT!

Generate a constant FLOW of sign-ups and sales with EASE!

Save MONEY on costly advertising!

Save TIME and STRESS by not having to mess with COMPLEX advertising methods!

Easily build a LIST of subscribers you can contact OVER and OVER again allowing you to make money on DEMAND!

Rinse and REPEAT to succeed in any number of different niche markets!

Easy to scale up to MASSIVE proportions for HUGE profits!



You can experience all the above benefits when using my MASS PPV Traffic system and more.

No longer be a victim of high advertising fees or time wasting advertising methods again. Instead, use your time to focus on more important things in your business like creating new offers and duplicating the system for multiplied results!

This is the doorway of the perfect Internet business and how you can start living the life you always dreamed of! Make MORE money by working LESS

Get closer to your goal of financial independence and time freedom so you can do what you want with your life! All you need is a SYSTEM that works for you with little effort to set up and is cheap to run. 

Yes, you guessed it...MASS PPV TRAFFIC is that system!


"When I first heard about Mass PPV Traffic,
I have to admit
I was sceptical.."

— Ewen Chia


"When I first heard about Mass PPV Traffic - I have to admit I was sceptical.

You see, I get a lot of requests to review Traffic Generation Courses like this, so I was really hesitant about trying this one.

I'm so glad I did!

The results have been nothing short of amazing and in such a short amount of time.

You owe it to yourself to get Mass PPV Traffic...your bottom line will thank you."


"They are absolutely going to freak out!.."

Jerome Chapman


"Hey Guys,

I've been marketing online full-time for over 10 years and I need to tell you that finding targeted, inexpensive traffic is getting harder and harder to find these days.

You guys just cracked the code and I love that you're sharing it with so many others.

They are absolutely going to freak out when they see how easy, inexpensive, targeted, quick and effective this traffic really is too!"


Before I reveal the price of this brand new MASS PPV TRAFFIC course (which is much less than you'd expect), let's run over again what you're getting when you purchase today...

You're getting...

10 MASS PPV TRAFFIC Step-By-Step  Video Tutorials Revealing Every Step Of The Traffic & Money System! (CORE ENGINE) A Real Value Of $497!

Watch over my shoulder as I run through every little detail of my system. You'll see and hear me explain what the system is all about, right through to the secrets for setting up you PPV machines from scratch and tweaking them for maximum performance. No one else is teaching this stuff.

The MASS PPV TRAFFIC Control Manual Containing The System Condensed Into Text Format For Easy Reference! A Real Value Of $197!

Have the core MASS PPV TRAFFIC system in text format. It explains all the secret "what to" do and "how to" do it steps so you can follow it in detail without any confusion. It's recommended you print this out for easy reference to the steps.

The MASS PPV TRAFFIC Explicit Mind Map Blueprint - Illustrating The 'Big Picture' And Simplicity Of The System! A Real Value Of $47!

A simple one page Mind Map diagram that shows you the 'BIG picture' of how my PPV traffic system works in 5 small steps. 

The MASS PPV TRAFFIC Quick Cash Guide Contains Each Simple Step In Point Form To Get New Campaigns Started Fast! A Real Value Of $97!

Just the bare-bone "what to do" steps of the system. Refer to this quick guide at first to give you the overall idea of what needs to be done and refer to it any other time you want to rinse and repeat with a new campaign.

Add up all the modules of this course and you're looking at a total of $838 WORTH of exclusive traffic and money generating secrets that you can start using today for INSTANT RESULTS!

Remember, I'm revealing the exact steps of my FORMULA which got me 45,300 visitors, 9,179 new subscribers on my list and $4,473.90 in cold hard cash in just 7 days...starting from scratch.

I'm showing you how to do the exact same thing with my videos and other materials. It's like having me sit there with you in the room and telling you what to do. You can't go wrong with my system when you follow my steps. It's simple, it works'll be happy to know that it's affordable. 

Seeing as how my system can easily be duplicated to make you thousands of dollars in a week like I did, I could be charging a MINT for this course. 

There are no similar courses for sale so I can't put a comparative value on it...but I'm sure you'll feel that the price is a bargain for what you can achieve with this system!

Right now, you can get my complete MASS PPV TRAFFIC course for a tiny investment of just $297 $197 $97 $77! You get everything including the 10 videos, control manual and more (even some valuable unannounced bonuses) immediately after your purchase.

Click Here To Order Right Now - Stop Wasting Time and Click Here!

I understand that $77 is way UNDER PRICED for this type of course. I expect a lot of marketers to snap it up and start going ape with PPV traffic but I'm not worried about the competition. There is plenty of room for everyone because my system can be applied across a huge range of markets for unbeatable results.

Plus, I wanted to make this affordable for beginners to get their feet wet with advertising that doesn't cost an arm and a leg....and of course to help fellow marketers who are fed up with spending a fortune on Google Ads like I was.

It's a very small price to pay when you consider the amount of time you'll save on traffic generation and money you'll save on advertising!

Where else can you find a system that shows you how to get ample targeted visitors (in the 10,000's) for $0.01 each and then gives you the formula for turning them into subscribers and down the funnel to becoming paying customers putting $1,000's in your pocket!?

And so you're completely FREE of any RISK, you can try my system and if it doesn't completely satisfy your expectations, you get all your full investment back!
I really want you to try out my new system and put it to the test! That's why you can get access to MASS PPV TRAFFIC and try it out for a full 60 days 100% risk free!

If for ANY reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied with the product within 60 days after purchasing, simply contact me for a swift full refund! I'm shouldering all the risk because I'm certain that my product will teach you everything you need to make your investment back and MUCH more!



I want to sweeten this deal by 100 times more (as if it isn't already).. so I have convinced other top marketers in this industry to allow me to give you their premium paid products away for FREE! every one who purchases Mass PPV Traffic today!!

These products are being sold right now, on their websites for real money... and you are getting them for FREE, if you purchase Mass PPV Traffic right this minute!


This is a fantastic product which has been created by top Clickbank millionaire and best seller Mo Latif. Also known for his famous 'Google Snatch' products.

eSlumdog Millionaire was selling for $77 (at but it has now been taken off the market.

Luckily for you I have twisted his arm and you get this now 'sold out' product completely FREE when you purchase Mass PPV Traffic!

 Real Market Value $77! You Get It For $0! 


PPC Affiliate Millionaire Chris Carpenter helped change the affiliate marketing industry back in 2003... and he is still rocking the scene with his best selling Google Cash Detective platform.

This software will allow you to SPY on successful PPC marketing campaigns so that you can then clone them and cash in for yourself!

This software costs $1997 to access but Chris has allowed us to let you take it for a 7 day spin for FREE!

 Real Market Value $1997! You Get It For $0!


These underground secret materials have been taken from the secret modules in the highly successful ZFM course ( - created by Clickbank millionaire and CPA guru Saj P... which sold tens of thousands of copies and helped people go from CPA newbie's to CPA kings overnight!

This bonus module is being made available exclusively for Mass PPV Traffic buyers for a limited time only!

 Real Market Value $197! You Get It For $0! 


Adwords Miracle ( is a bestselling PPC Adwords guide that was created by Clickbank millionaire Chris X.

In total you are getting DOZENS of his "near-illegal" profit-busting techniques, the very same techniques that make him $300 in daily passive income... and the best bit? No-one else knows them...especially your so called "experts" ...

 Learn the True Insider Methods to AdWords; the ones used by the top one percent of users... the ones no-one has ever revealed... until now.

• Includes over 200 pages of red-hot underground secrets, and 50 minutes of step-by-step training videos -- exposing every last one of my techniques from building a massive list with Adwords cheaply and quickly, how to locate and promote the hottest products as an affiliate, ... and far too much to mention.

• Now includes my red-hot "Skimming method" - never discussed before by anyone, at least in a language I understand. The surest way to make $100 per day from AdWords that I have ever heard of. 100% fool-proof.

This is available when you get Mass PPV Traffic today..

 Real Market Value $97! You Get It For $0!  


With all the risk taken off your shoulders and a clear system waiting for you, it's time you stopped struggling with traffic generation and ride this new PPV Traffic wave before too many other's find out about it and beat you to the line.

As with most things online, the ones who jump on new opportunities are the ones who reap the the most rewards. Don't get left behind and continue to lose money from a lack of traffic.

This is your chance to finally start using a simple system that works while there is no competition!

You've seen what there is to offer.

You've seen the proof. what are you going to waiting for now? What excuses are you going to make?

If you don't get on this now everyone will have cashed in on this PPV method and you'll be left out in the cold and broke.

Trust me, you'll be kicking yourself later when you hear all your mates used this traffic strategy to get rich... and you'll be left still trying to get traffic by selling yourself out (time) by doing mundane article marketing, social media twitter B.S and blogging. Or maybe you like getting headaches over Google's duplication content penalty and setting up WP themes!

If not... you know what you need to do...

Order Mass PPV Traffic now before it is PULLED OFF the market for fear of saturation at any time. You have been warned!



"YES, Andrew & Kris! I Want To Get Your System For Generating Massive Cheap "PPV" Traffic So That I Can Start Making Money NOW!


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I understand that this course will reveal how to get unlimited cheap traffic that is as high quality as PPC but no where near as expensive!

I know I have a full 60 days to try Mass PPV Traffic and if I'm not completely satisfied with my purchase, I'm covered by your 100% money back guarantee!

I'm ready to start getting tons of cheap low traffic in record time and build my constant flowing streams of visitors to my site whilst also building my list - today so I'm going to
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After your purchase, you will get instant access to the download area.

To your new found traffic source and success!

Kris and Andrew

P.S. Never pay more than a few cents for traffic ever again! My brand new MASS PPV TRAFFIC course will set you up with the perfect traffic and money getting system that's so EASY to set up and run....even if you're starting with nothing and on a minuscule budget!

P.P.S. You have absolutely nothing at risk here. The price is a measly $77, and I'm backing it up with my 60 day RISK-FREE, 100% refund guarantee. You either use it to stuff more traffic, sign-ups and sales into your business, or we'll refund the full price of the purchase. No questions asked, and the system is yours to keep.

If that sounds foolish on my part, you may be right. But I'd rather get ripped off by a few bad seeds, than let any resistance keep the right people from getting their hands on this system.

Be one of the first out of the gate with PPV and nail down your success. Order MASS PPV TRAFFIC now and pay the special introductory price of just $77!

Hurry, because this offer won't last forever...

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"The step by step instructions were
detailed enough for an absolute newbie

— Justin Michie


"Never having used much PPV marketing… I was excited to see what this course was about.

The step by step instructions were detailed enough for an absolute newbie and the content was well laid out so more experienced marketers could skip to the good stuff.

What I loved most about it was that it shows you how to get targeted traffic at rates lower that you’d pay almost anywhere without the huge learning curve of PPC.

With this system, PPV marketing is easy, cheap and profitable – the perfect combination.

I can’t wait to put this into action as another source of recurring revenue!"


"..the tricks you reveal just in the first
two videos
 are worth the price of the
whole package!"

"Are you guys insane?

You are letting the most powerful advertising system out of the bag and you're charging a measly $77 for it? 

The videos make it perfectly clear to follow and the tricks you reveal just in the first two videos are worth the price of the whole package.

You really thing you should reconsider the price for this course. You could easily sell it for $497 and it would still be a steal! $77 is just way too under priced for this kind of underground material."

Frank Mitchell


" my second PPV campaign I had already
started generating
$10 profit per day.. and
now it's grown to a huge figure!"


"Mass PPV Traffic completely rocks!!

...I was a bit doubtful that you could get traffic that was quality traffic for such a low cost.. from half a cent to 1 cent per view. Typically when you hear of cheap traffic it isn't usually good enough to convert...

But I was quickly shown otherwise.

When I implemented some of the strategies shown within the course I found
I started noticing it was quite easy to find profitable traffic streams

Let me give you a quick scenario..

By my second PPV campaign I had already started generating $10 profit per day....and now it's grown to a huge figure!

I want to thank the guys behind it, Kris and Andrew... I almost
don't want this course to be on the internet anymore!

But there is plenty of room for competition since this is an untapped market.

Mass PPV Traffic has allowed me to develop some of my most profitable
campaigns. I seriously recommend you take a look at this product."

Andrew Payne


Add to Cart


"Mass PPV Traffic changed our thoughts on
insane profitability of Pay Per View.."

— Melford Bibens


"Hey Guys, Concetta and I are totally psych’d with our pre-launch copy of Mass PPV Traffic!

We are “next generation” marketers… which means that we are ALWAYS looking for bigger, faster, and stronger ways to draw tons of traffic to our sites. Old School crap just doesn’t cut it for us.

Thank God you guys are our buddies and were cool enough to include us in your beta test, Mass PPV Traffic changed our thoughts on the insane profitability of Pay Per View…our next launch is gonna be over the top! "


"I was truly amazed at how quick
and easy it is to get
traffic to my website!...."

"If you want a LOT of traffic for dirt CHEAP, you must get this system! I was truly amazed at how quick and easy it is to get TARGETED traffic to my website. Don't be fooled by the price you pay for each visitor as this technique is still very new, so the time to start using Mass PPV Traffic is now!

This system is totally clear cut and easy to follow step by step to get your campaigns up and running right away. You can literally start sending floods of traffic to any website you want along with building a huge list of subscribers real fast.

If you are looking to make a lot of money with CPA offers like me, build your own list, or get traffic to your website, you need to use PPV traffic! It's truly the fastest and cheapest way to get quality and targeted visitors!"

Nick Deez


"PPV marketing is a whole new
ball game..
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